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I love your art so much

Thank you!! ;w;7

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I just thought I'd let you know seeing as you seem to appreciate other people sharing their art with you, I've started trying to draw one of your FE pictures (Robin and the Grima possessed Robin). I'm not too great at drawing and honestly I probably shouldn't be trying to draw it (the hood has been driving me crazy and i'm somewhat dreading drawing the Grima possessed Robin) but I've also been having a lot of fun so far.

daw! Well I’m glad you’re having fun redrawing it! Redrawing is a good way to learn a thing or two, so I hope you’re able to take something from it. :> Good luck! 

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Warmup doodle painting for the evening before serious stuff

#Kid Icarus #Pit #super smash bros #ssb #KI #art #doodle #after battle shot with ominous black feathers #who do those feathers belong to #you can probably guess #I say doodle as it takes me a couple hours to finish #>not a doodle #>lightly shrugs #also do you know how hard it is to draw Pit's wings and trying to keep them canon but also anatomically correct #the end result is that
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What brush do you use for colouring? I always use the water brush ;3; but idk if I'm doing this right

I’ve actually been using Photoshop strictly for coloring lately. It’s just a basic chalk brush that I use, but I color drop and blend to give things the look they need. I also have an assortment of other brushes from various other artists, but I forget where I got 90% of them from OTL

If you need my old SAI brushes, you can find them here

#asks #I really wish I could help with photoshop brush stuff but photoshop is still an enigma to me so gimme some time and I'll figure things out #Anonymous
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Slightly more serious doodles (compared to what I’ve been posting lately pfft). Figured I’d show some of my warmup sketches and stuff, I have more but I’ll post them at a later time, I have work to do on a big project for the time being.

I have a huge soft spot in my heart for these two dorks urgh Smash has just re-ignited that

Click the pictures for captions

#ssb4 #Pit #Dark Pit #Kid Icarus #Super Smash Bros #Pittoo #art #doodle #sketch #bloop bleep back to work for me now
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If you do well with a Robin on your team and you protect and help one another and end up winning you are officially S supported no matter what (even by complete accident)

I fear for Pit’s life though Palutena and Robin look pretty angry

(And thank you for the story I love hearing about everyone’s smash adventures eheh)

#well #reblogs to here #pit #robin #ssb #ssb4 #morgan #palutena #fe:a #fe #I'll just see myself out the door over there now
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Female Robin is a sassmaster when she wins against Lucina in ssb4 good grief I heard her win quote and it even made me jump a little

I’ve been playing online when I have the time, my nickname is Runey so maybe you’ll see me around?

#Fire Emblem #Fire Emblem Awakening #Super smash bros #ssb4 #Lucina #Robin #Chrom #fe:a #hoh man #I love how male Robin is constantly just :3 though #with varying degrees of >:3 occasionally #also I can't draw his hair today don't look at it
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I had a strong need to doodle a quick chibi of my tactician yesterday :V

#fire emblem #fire emblem awakening #fe #fe:a #robin #my unit #mu #chibi #art #doodle #sighs happily he's really cute and I can't get over him
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Flings all of these messy WIPs here to show what I’m working on and planning on finishing eventually, though it’ll be a little while before I can

I have a few more important things to finish up first :> 

The grima one at the bottom has gone through some pretty decent wip stages

#wip #robin #lucina #chrom #grima #fire emblem awakening #should I even tag wips I don't even know #I HATE LEVIN SWORD THOUGH #I keep forgetting how it looks oh gosh diddly darnit this sword #forgets watermark on two of them please don't take them
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hey rune, do you ever have problems with wrist pain? i've been drawing a lot lately and i keep having to stop to rest because it's been hurting really bad. i've been trying exercises and stuff but nothing's really been helping. >_<

I tend to not have wrist problems, but I know a lot of people that do. For some, taking breaks every 20 minutes (for around 15 minutes) and doing wrist-based stretches can help the muscles to stop hurting. Just do them slowly, not too fast, and do them regularly. Make sure to rest your wrist for a little while after.

Alternatively, you can also try buying a wrist brace to wear - it’ll help keep your wrist stabilized so it shouldn’t hurt as much. :> And they aren’t too pricey, you can generally find them at stores that carry medical supplies. Or, in case the muscles in your wrist are enflamed, you can also try putting an icepack under your wrist (wrapped in a towel or washrag, of course, otherwise it’d be super cold I think).

Also, as an added tip, try to move your entire arm as you draw so you don’t put as much strain on just flicking your wrist around. If you move your hand in a lot of rapid motions without moving your arm, that could very well be what’s causing your wrist pain.

I hope that helps you a little anon, and I hope your wrist is okay! ;w;  

#asks #art help #sorta #Anonymous #It sorta sounds like you've just been drawing so much that your muscles are kinda enflamed #it's happened to me before when I draw without rest for several days #Taking a day or two's break could very easily help you out #Just get some rest ;w;
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That art thingy of Noire and Nah were fucking beautiful, please tell me there will be more with more characters you draw? ;_;

I have many plans for more yes :3c Something about drawing characters in alternate clothing is oddly entertaining

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Noire and Nah doodles in some alt clothes because I fell in love with the outfits from here

I have more of these planned but I’m suddenly super tired so I’m gonna go fall over for a while now

#fire emblem #fire emblem awakening #Noire #Nah #fe:a #fe #doodles #art #wow i'm so tired I forgot to tag this the first time #holy crow
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I heard it was a certain dragon lady&#8217;s birthday today so I had to do a thing for that 
Man it&#8217;s been forever since I&#8217;ve drawn a cheeb and it really shows

I heard it was a certain dragon lady’s birthday today so I had to do a thing for that 

Man it’s been forever since I’ve drawn a cheeb and it really shows

#Fire Emblem #Fire Emblem Awakening #Nowi #fe:a #fe #art #doodle #chibi #I think I accidentally reversed her hair color though whoopsie #oh well #it's still green and yellow
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Tactician baby for a RP group with some friends ;u; 

He actually has purple eyes not blue, despite the second picture

#Fire Emblem #Robin #Fire Emblem Awakening #fe:a #fe #Tactician #art #sketch #doodle #he lacks a name though currently #whoop #for now he's just 'robin'
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I don’t know if I’m happy with these colors yet, but whatever it’s good enough for now, all I know is I want it to be a darker color scheme

Amaya, a mute flower-loving thief, and also partner to Aiden

#art #sketch #Amaya #oc #original character #my precious oc babies I have so many stories in line in my head but I can't put them on paper #AT LEAST NOT YET