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I don’t know if I’m happy with these colors yet, but whatever it’s good enough for now, all I know is I want it to be a darker color scheme

Amaya, a mute flower-loving thief, and also partner to Aiden

#art #sketch #Amaya #oc #original character #my precious oc babies I have so many stories in line in my head but I can't put them on paper #AT LEAST NOT YET
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Cassiopeia commission :> 

I don’t want to see another scale for a long time

#league of legends #LoL #Cassiopeia #LeagueofLegends #Art #Commission
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Commissioned by Eijar, for rinidinger :3

Happy birthday Rini!!

#Rinidinger #Rin the yordle #Eijar the yordle #commission #art
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Welcome to lol69min!

This is the League of Legends version of 69min where you have 69 minutes to draw a given prompt. A new prompt is given at a set time (12:00 AM – 1:09 AM EST) every day.

Above is an example provided by our moderators Luxadin, Lin, Rune where the prompt was ‘Drawing’

  • Everyone is welcomed to join!
  • Get inspired by themes and prompts
  • All mediums are welcomed, traditional or digital!
  • All drawings should be of your own. No tracing or copying allowed!
  • Even if you join us for one prompt, you are not obligated to join us for all the prompts in the future!
  • If you’re early or late, don’t worry about it! We accept early or late work
  • Enjoy artwork
  • NSFW is acceptable but only if it’s classy.
  • Draw any league champion you wish to
  • Lastly, Just have fun!

How to join

  • Check the blog each day for a prompt given!
  • We’ll give you an hour warning beforehand
  • At the given time, we will tell you when it has started and you can begin posting at that time! Remember, it’ll only stay open for 69 minutes!
  • We’ll tell you when 69 minutes have passed but we’ll still accept artwork afterwards
  • Post on your own blogs, we’ll reblog it from you!
  • Tag your entry posts with lol69min or mention us with the @ symbol.

If you have questions, please refer to our about page or send an ask.

Hope to see you join into the fun!

Note: We have a zero tolerance policy for rudeness. There will be absolutely no drama or hate on this blog. 

Just to share over here too what I’ve been working on with a couple others, since I have different followers on this blog. If you would like to join in, feel free, first prompt starts tonight in a few hours~ :> 

#delete later
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Twitter doodles for different prompts

Disney prompt, Mermaid/man prompt, Genderbend prompt

These were all a lot of fun, I might just start uploading them in batches like these after a few days pass. ’ u ‘

#Fire Emblem #Fire Emblem Awakening #Olivia #Tiki #Chrom #Lucina #fe:A #fe #i'm so sorry for that disney prompt I couldn't help myself #my hand slipped
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Talon/Quinn commission for ask-quinn-valor.

Thank you so much! ;w;/

#League of Legends #LoL #Talon #Quinn #art #commission #talon/quinn #ask-quinn-valor
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Morning Nowi doodle for an earlier thing on Twitter 

As someone said before she is far more hair than actual dragon but her messy floofy hair was a real treat to draw so I’m not complaining

#fire emblem #fire emblem awakening #fe:a #nowi #manakete #fe #art #doodle #sketch #what kind of outfit would nowi even wear to bed #I asked myself this question but arrived at only one answer #an oversized shirt obviously belonging to her husband
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Is it just me, or have you perhaps been using a different brush style lately n_n

Good eye, yep! It probably does look slightly different than my normal stuff because Photoshop is finally agreeing with my computer and I can use it for once, so I’m painting things in there now. uvu

#asks #I was wondering how many people would notice the change ahahah #minor as it is #zaikeriaaltaire
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Do you ever wonder how much stuff Chrom had to put up with growing up with two sisters like… Makeup, wacky hairdos, etc. etc. just because “brother needs to look good too”

At least Frederick approves

(For fe_69min's theme last night, Hairclips)

#Fire Emblem #Fire Emblem Awakening #FE:A #Chrom #Lissa #Frederick #sketch #art #whenever I draw Chrom he always seems like 99.9% done with the world #Though it's fairly accurate all things considering #the hairclips aren't shoved far enough on the head IT MISSED THE HAIRLINE #I'M AWFUL IGNORE THAT PRETEND HE HAS A MAGIC HAIRLINE
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Ah hi! I was just wondering if you have a deviantart account?

Yup I do! To be honest though I don’t upload most of my artwork to my DA these days even though I should.

Here ya go. uvu


#asks #whentwoheartsrace
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6 Kjelle x Lucina
Cute kissies uvu
#Fire Emblem #Fire Emblem Awakening #Kjelle #Lucina #FE:A #FE #art #sketch #kiss meme
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I don’t draw my OC’s too much but after turning him into a coatl on FR I had a strong urge to draw my little Aiden again

Now if only I felt like coloring it instead of just keeping it b&w

#original character #oc #art #sketch #aiden #bwahbwah thiefy butt #more like assassin thief #but whatever closE ENOUGH #he's uh #come a long way from what he used to be like
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#12 with male Robin and Tharja?
Hand kisses coming right up! 
I probably got a little carried away with this one whoops but I really like this pairing I won’t lie
#Fire Emblem #Fire Emblem Awakening #Tharja #My Unit #Robin #M!U #FE:A #TharjaxM!U #not gonna lie she was one of the ones I thought of putting my tactician with #just because of how hilarious the supports were #but cordelia kinda shoved her off a cliff #...darnit cordy
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Kiss Art Challenge 


Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

(don’t know if this is already out there, but I suddenly felt like doing it)

  1. on the forehead
  2. on the nose
  3. on the cheek
  4. on the eyelids
  5. on the ear
  6. on the lips (cute)
  7. on the lips (passionate)
  8. on the chin
  9. on the neck
  10. on the shoulder
  11. on the back
  12. on the hand
  13. on the foot
  14. on the leg
  15. on the chest/torso
  16. on the butt
  17. on the naughty-bits

I’LL DO THE FIRST FIVE I GET IN MY INBOX READY GO putting a limit on these things because I am very clearly unorganized when it comes to askbox memes

Ruling out 16/17 though because trying to keep this blog at least remotely safe for work yesyes

#I would prefer fire emblem and league only so take your pick on which ones #as for 16 and 17 as much as I'd love to #I am so sorry #you don't want to see me draw that #no trust me #you don't #so don't
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This dork miiiight be taking over my sketches as of late, I won’t deny it 

Doodles that I posted earlier on my Twitter that I figured I should upload here

#Fire Emblem #Fire Emblem Awakening #Robin #My Unit #M!U #FE:A #sketch #doodles #huzzah for robin #teeny leetle bird man #(or woman)